Pipe Repair Clamp
repair clamp

Are you looking for a economic, flexiable, reliable and simple solution for leaking pipes or new pipe connection?

multifunctional, axially flexible pipe coupling for all pipe materials. For water supply, sewage treatment, mining, industrial plants, power plants and shipbuilding.

RCH absorbs noise, vibrations, and small amounts of expansion and contraction.

fitted to existing pipes in situ, without any need to remove and re-lay the pipes.

This makes it the ideal solution for permanent repairs of pipe joints, cracks, etc. Simple and reliable.

How does it work
Advantage Of The Pipe Repair Clamp

All Stainless Steel
Can be function as a coupling
Compatible different pipe materials
Higher pressure rating than traditional repair clamps.

Fast installation

  • light weight
  • two bolts
  • low torque requirements
  • No Special Tools

Acoomodates a veriety of pip conditions

  • angular deflection
  • pipes with gaps between pipe ends
  • misaligned pip ends
  • connection of pipe with movement
  • Cracked Pipe
Structure and Material

pipe leaking repair clamp

Repair clamp Material


Pipe repair clamp dimension

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